James Clarke — guitar teacher

An electric guitar


I had been taking lessons with James for a few months and I told him what I was struggling with and what I would like to learn. Being self taught for a year, I wished to improve on areas I was weak at (soloing and lead playing) and within two months I was already able to improvise a solo over a progression using notes all over the fretboard. I would recommend his lessons to anyone learning the guitar or looking to improve on certain areas. Thanks James! -- Callum Holgate

'My biggest concern was that I wouldn't be able to understand the basics of reading the music and the works of the guitar. This did not come true as everything is explained in an easy to understand way and at my pace of learning.

My favourite parts so far are that 1 - I am learning songs that I like and 2 - that it all seems to be coming together now I'm learning full songs and how to put them together. My confidence and understanding is growing.

I would recommend James to my best friend and I would say that James is easy to understand, easy going, not strict and very patient.' -- Jacob (11)

'From a parent’s point of view, we are very happy with Jacob’s lessons with James. Things are explained in terms that Jacob can understand and at his pace. Jacob seems very happy and really looks forward to his lessons.' -- Dawn and Andy (Jacob's parents)

'I did not have any real concerns before having lessons with James, but was worried about learning the technical side, but James has helped me overcome this by breaking it down into manageable chunks and given me the time I needed to understand them.

I have enjoyed all my lessons with James; he has understood my learning needs and allowed me to learn at a speed which suits me.

I would recommend James to anyone wanting to take up the guitar because he takes the time to understand every person’s individual learning needs and the speed which you can work at and has a very relaxing learning environment to learn in.' -- Eric Moorhouse

'My biggest concern before taking lessons with James was that because I was self taught and had built up a number of bad habits that I would have to "Unlearn" and rehash my entire playing style. But the lessons were tailored to my needs so it became me "Plus".

My favourite parts of the lessons are how some of the more "theoretical" parts that I thought I would struggle with, are delivered. They are put across in a very organic flowing way that drop into place and there is no rush or pressure on the student to take it in. It is a very relaxed environment. The theoretical side has helped my playing immensely.

If I were to recommend James to any other guitar playing friends seeking lessons, I should say that James is first and foremost an awesome guitarist. He covers most styles to an exceptional level and is a great teacher, with a gift for delivering information in a clear and concise way whilst maintaining a relaxed approach. Top fella!' -- Peter Priestley, Bradford

'Jack our 6 year old has just started with James and loves it. Friendly and relaxed environment, would thoroughly recommend to anyone who wants personalised 1 to 1 lessons.' -- Neil Reeves

'Just had my first guitar lesson with @JamesGuitar1986 #TopBloke the lesson was fun and he even gave me #HomeWork' -- Chris Bahra

'5/5 James is a great tutor.' -- Adam Stone

'James' guitar lessons are easy to follow and he goes at your own pace, making sure you understand what you've learnt before moving on. You are able to choose what you want to learn whether it is theory or learning songs and he'll help you achieve it. It's a comfortable atmosphere and I recommend anyone wanting to be a better guitarist or who wants to learn guitar to take lessons with James because the lessons really make a huge improvement to your playing. (5 stars).'